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In the case of co-rotating twin screw extruders, the screws are generally threaded for variable configuration in individual segments on shafts.

For some older extruder models, we offer conversion to a state-of-the-art shaft, so that the full performance potential of the extruder can be realized.

Generally, extruders now have involute splines for the transfer of forces from the shaft to the element, but there are still different solutions available.

Shafts are delivered in the following different geometric versions:

Verbreitetes Konstruktionsprinzip, das in vielen Extrudern bei verzahnten oder runden Wellen verwendet wird. Die Schneckenbesatzlänge ergibt sich aus dem Maß L1 plus einer notwendigen Zugabe, um die Segmente mit den Schneckenspitzen verspannen zu können.








Shaft with fixed stop collar

Popular design principle used in many extruders in the case of toothed or round shafts. The length of the screws fitted is derived from the dimension L1 plus a necessary tolerance to be able to thread the segments with the screw tips.

Fully toothed with a multi-part stop collar

Modern design for toothed shafts. Various versions are available. Extricom has a patented design, which allows us to manufacture shafts with a multi-part collar even for high loads.

To manufacture shafts, only the highest quality materials with a test certificate are used, and are processed so as to achieve the best possible strength. If required, the shafts can be supplied with coatings to protect against corrosion.

In addition to the standard shafts, Extricom does, of course, also offer numerous shaft advancements and suitable accessories, such as:

  • Shafts with liquid cooling
  • Shafts with an extended collar area
  • Shafts for bearing on both sides
  • Screw tips in many versions.
  • Shaft couplings for connecting the shafts to the gear.