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Co-rotating twin screw vent port Stuffer for degassing.

Extricom recognized at a very early stage the optimization potential for twin screw processes during product degassing. Firstly, due to growing environmental requirements, the residual content of certain volatile components must be minimized, and secondly, in the case of a number of applications, high water content or other low-molecular components have to be removed.

Stuffer technology is based on a tightly intermeshing twin screw with a large flight depth and a self-cleaning profile, which is fitted to the degassing barrel in place of the usual degassing dome.

High-viscosity melt is transported into the process room, while gases and vapours are routed through the stuffer screw channels.

This enables degassing to be carried out independently of the operating point and product.

The use of a twin shaft degassing screw DSB1 offers the following advantages for all versions:

  • Increases operational reliability
    • Even when process conditions change, the degassing opening remains open.
  • Improves product quality
    • The self-cleaning profiles prevent the material from being deposited and cracking.
  • Increases the throughput
    • The use of a DSB stuffer generally allows the throughput rate of the basic extruder to be increased by 10 to 15%.
  • Reduces the maintenance work
    • Considerably less cleaning work means reduced production costs.
  • Reduces the risk of an accident
    • The elimination of a visual inspection or even mechanical manipulation in the degassing opening reduces the risk of an accident, particularly during start-up.
  • Extends the process window
    • Degassing with DSB means that the extruder can be operated reliably in a larger process window. This also increases the flexibility of the system.

The DSB stuffers are available in a wide range of sizes, matched to virtually any standard twin screw extruder and throughput requirements.

Auxiliary devices can, for example, be attached to the side of a combi-barrel. This arrangement prevents any condensate from dripping back into the system.

However, if this is not possible, a standard degassing barrel can also be provided with an appropriate stuffer insert.3 In this way, it is possible to retrofit a stuffer without converting the main extruder.
Depending on the process requirement, the seal is matched to the required pressure level.


Control with a frequency converter matches the screw speed to the requirements.










Technical data

Our DSB ST stuffer series starts at a diameter of 24 mm and is available up to a diameter of 160 mm. The stuffers can be tailored individually to your requirements with regard to degassing volume, space ratios and the connection dimensions of your twin screw degassing barrel.

The table above contains the necessary opening dimensions for connecting to the main extruder. A differentiation is essentially made here between a round and rectangular opening. We will be happy to advise you on the technical configuration of your stuffer and on the right solution for your application.