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RingExtruder for PET-Recycling

The advantages of the multi-shaft concept for process technology fully apparent in the case of PET recycling. The large feed cross-section ensures excellent feeding of flakes with a low piled weight or non-uniform shape. A narrow dwell time spectrum combined with a high self-cleaning rate ensures low product stress and optimum colour values of the residual granulate.

Extremely high degassing efficiency enables maximum throughput rates even in the case of heavily contaminated PET flakes or flakes that have not been pre-dried.

Since 1999, the RingExtruder RE® has been successfully used for bottle-to-bottle recycling of PET. Throughput ranges between 2800 and 34,000 tonnes per year.

Currently, more than 200,000 tonnes per year of high-grade PET regranulate are produced worldwide with RingExtruders.

RingExtruder size RE 4 XPV RE 5 XPV RE 6 XPV RE 7 XPV
Throughput [kg/h] 900-1000 1.500-1.750 2.200-2.600 3.500-4.500
Capacity [t/a] bis zu 7.500 bis zu 12.500 bis zu 18.500 bis zu 34.000