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Update 2017/1/18

Extricom joins CPM

Extricom GmbH came into existence when the two predecessor companies Blach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH and 3+ Extruder GmbH merged on 1.1.2003.

Blach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH was originally founded in 1988 by Mr Josef Blach. In the sister company 3+Extruder GmbH, RingExtruder technology was developed for market maturity.

Josef Blach had been fascinated throughout his career up to that point with the possibilities of the tightly intermeshing co-rotating extruder.

Intensive work on the subject led to some significant further developments for this extruder system. These include, among other things, probably the first sketch of an eccentric kneading block (figure to the right), or even the triple-shaft mixer in 1975.

The focus was always on increasing product quality and throughput. This is achieved, for example, by the high-performance distribution gearbox in 1981 (figure below).

The original activities of an engineering firm were transformed into a small to medium-sized production company, with the two sons Michael and Markus Blach taking over management of the business in 1991.

Since then, with the cooperation of highly motivated and qualified employees, successful development has been ongoing.

Through the integration of the design department, the process engineering department and the technical centre on the one hand and machining production and installation on the other, new ideas can be quickly realized, tested and optimized.

Customers receive high-precision components and machinery "made in Germany", and the focus is always on customer requirements and the relevant applications.