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Research and development

Since the very early days of the company as an engineering firm, the further development of extruder technology with tightly intermeshing screw systems has been intensively pursued. This is also reflected in the extensive patent documentation.

Extricom is also involved in joint research projects, e.g. at the Centre for Fuel Cell Technology with the project "Development of Extrusion Technology for Deagglomerated In-situ Incorporation of Nanoscale Fillers in Highly Filled Polymer Composites for PEM Fuel Cells" or even in European Community projects such as: "PEPT Flow".

Extricom engineers also fulfil management and supervisory functions on various accompanying project committees in order to further promote basic knowledge of the various aspects of extrusion.

At the Lauffen site is a technical extrusion centre currently with two RingExtruders. Here, extrusion trials can be carried out in practical application with throughputs of up to 1 to/h, also with various auxiliary units.