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Extricom is the strong and reliable partner regarding process consultation in all questions of extrusion with twin and multi screw extruders. For more than 40 years we have been introducing new ideas into this field in addition to developing a large number of patents.

The standard screw configurations commonly delivered with extruders often limits throughput and product quality unnecessarily. Other important themes are energy consumption and the reduction of wear effects. We carefully carry out and evaluate process parameters like screw speed, torque pressure and specific energy consumption in combination with screw and barrel configuration.

A number of recently developed processes are not compatible with the original configuration as set by the extruder manufacturer. However, by installing patented, special accessories complete compatibility can be established. With this and the up-scaling and down-scaling of processes and geometries of different extruder sizes and types we assist our clients in achieving the best possible results with their material compounding technology.

Whether you are planning to produce new products or intend to modify existing ones, you have the option to upgrade your existing extruder economically. We will gladly help you with the development of new processes and with optimizing well-known ones. We use the most modern simulation software. Through our engineers we offer you assistance in resolving individual problems, and the opportunity to profit from our accumulated know-how.