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With Extricom WinTXU ™, all the important information about the twin-screw extruder is quickly documented and easily visualized.

WinTXU™ offers the essential functions in an intuitively learning by doing style.

With only just a few mouse-clicks the extruder configuration can be visualized by choose of the various pre-installed elements, barrels and shaft geometries for your machine. Beside the configuration also process parameter can be stored and kept for future setting the machine for the best result of your product quality.

Advantages and benefits of WinTXU™

  • Easy and quick configuration tool
  • Visualization of the screw configuration for maintenance
  • One tool for all co-rotating twin-screw extruder
  • Verifiable process development
  • Repeatable production processes
  • Quality Assurance
  • securing the know-how

A WinTXU ™ demonstration you can view in this video:

Download: WinTXU.flv (23MB)

WinTXU™ is a registered trademark of PolyTech Ltd.