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Screw dismantling service

With help of our screw dismantling machine (SDM) we are in the position to offer you an extensive service around the screw. For clients who would like to overhaul used or damaged screws, we offer our inspection- and dismantling service. Customers receive a detailed report of the condition of their screw elements, as well as the corresponding quotation for the overhaul. Depending on the condition of the parts and the requirements, often the elements can still be used for the application.

Based on the report the customers can easily make their decision in respect to technical and commercial issues.

Replacement of Inliner

We offer in our company the analysis of barrels and inliners. In addition we execute a competent and quick change of inliner segments and clean e.g. on request the channels of the liquid cooling.
In addition we offer the possibility to convert your actual standard barrel to a Inliner-type barrel if it is technically possible.

Emergency service in case of machine break-down

Often our client remains little time for the repair. If necessary we accelerate the  production process and supply the desired parts with our express service.

Maintenance contract

If customers have restricted resources in their own technical maintenance department, we take for the maintenance of your extrusion system.