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Machine design

The RingExtruder is, in principle, similar to the twin screw extruder in terms of construction. It is made up of drive, process unit and frame assemblies. The drive unit consists of the main motor, the torque limiting clutch, the reduction and distribution gearbox with the gear lantern and the 12 shaft couplings. The motor and the reduction and distribution gearbox are installed on a stable and torsion-resistant machine frame.

The process section permits flexible adjustment to the process task as standard without requiring any significant alterations. For easy handling, it is mounted on a rotary and movable unit. Screws and barrels are both segmented.

The following barrels are available for processing:

  • Closed barrel (4D/6D length)
  • Feed and degassing barrel (2D length)
  • Degassing barrel (6D length)
  • Intake barrel

The intake barrel with its unique geometry offers a tangential supply of large product volumes.
The screw segments with variable configuration options are pushed on to shafts with involute spline and secured by the screw tips.

The design of the screw stack-out is matched to the process task. Besides the standard, conveying and re-conveying elements, special shear, mixing, kneading and mass transfer elements are also available for variable screw configuration.