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With the RingExtruder, it is possible to realize virtually all high-viscosity processes, because an extremely long residence time can also be achieved, compared with other extruder systems. For this reason, batch processes are also increasingly being converted to continuous compounding processes on the RingExtruder.
The following is a list of some of the possibilities:

  • Compounding of polyolefins
  • Production of color and additive master batch
  • Processing of vulcanized and unvulcanized rubber products
  • Compounding, decontamination and degassing of PET flakes (R-PET)
  • Incorporation of high proportions of fillers and reinforcing agents, in some cases >50%
  • Reinforcement of engineering plastics with glass fibres, carbon fibres or natural fibres, in some cases up to 70%
  • Reactive extrusion
  • Processing of thermoplastic elastomers
  • Manufacturing of polymer blends and alloys
  • Degassing tasks such as residual polystyrene and SAN degassing
  • Food extrusion
  • Powder coating