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Our focus has remained the same for decades: the tightly intermeshing co-rotating twin screw extruder.

Today, numerous technical processes with high-viscosity materials are carried out continuously with co-rotating twin screw extruders. Tens of thousands of systems are used worldwide for a variety of products in all throughput ranges, from grammes to tonnes per hour. These systems are often in use for decades. Over time, considerable wear occurs in some cases, and improvements in the throughput and quality of the products is continuously targeted.

In connection with the co-rotating twin screw extruder, we have expanded our range of services available to you in this product area.

Replacement parts for co-rotating twin screw extruders, such as elements, barrels and shafts

  • Special patented elements for process optimization
  • Side feeders
  • Stuffers

Our product range is rounded off with our side feeders and stuffers to optimize your existing production processes.

Our products are a comparable alternative to the replacement parts of OEMs.

Our range of replacement parts1 now includes:

  • approx. 60,000 different replacement parts
  • suitable for approx. 270 different extruder models
  • from 18 OEMs.

In addition to the standard components from the relevant OEMs, we open up further possibilities with regard to component geometry, material choice and technical design.

Our top priorities are

  • Material quality
  • High-precision processing
  • Maximum service life

Our most important asset is a high level of customer satisfaction, which is thanks in part to the flexibility with which we meet your specific requirements on an individual basis.

Our product diversity, including screw, kneading, mixing and special elements, as well as barrels and shafts, is unparalleled on the market.