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Over a number of years, Extricom worked intensively on developing and launching a multi-shaft extrusion system - the RingExtruder.
RingExtruder technology opens up new innovative possibilities in terms of

  • Product quality
  • Economic efficiency
  • Flexibility

Consistent further development of the co-rotating twin screw has resulted in the extruder series RingExtruder RE®. Its optimized design offers competitive advantages in production and in product quality. Investing in a RingExtruder strengthens the future capability of the line operator. And the RingExtruder RE® compares favourably when it comes to investment costs, whilst also setting new standards in the economic efficiency of compounding lines.

Benefits of the RingExtruder RE®:

  • Improved product quality and therefore a decisive competitive edge
  • The productivity of several twin screws in one compact unit
  • Reduced energy input and therefore lower operating costs