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The RingExtruder RE® is available in 2 different series. The series differ in principle by the OD/ID ratio of the machine.

While the LT/XP series, the OD/ID ratio is 1.55 while, at the XV/XPV series, a ratio of 1.74 was realized.

The realization of a flat cut (LT/XP) and a deep cut (XV/XPV) RingExtruder series is necessary for today's modern process requirements in high viscosity processes. The requirements of the various processes are very diverse and can be covered best by the 2 RingExtruder series.

The special feature of our XP/XPV Series: Consistently high torque for both versions!
The scale-up from the laboratory machine up to the production machine is ensured by observing the geometric similarity of the RingExtruder series. Especially in relation to the scale-up, the RingExtruder has repeatedly proven its performance by his Surface to volume ratio and outstanding mixing capability.

The following table shows the main differences between the two series at a glance.

RingExtruder series DA/DI ratioFree Volume [%] Max. torque [%]
RingExtruder RE® LT 1,55 100% 100%
RingExtruder RE® XP 1,55 100% 150%
RingExtruder RE® XV 1,74 150% 100%
RingExtruder RE® XPV 1,74 150% 150%


We are looking forward to consult you to choose the right machine series for your application.