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Extricom is a family-run company, which has been involved in the development and manufacture of tightly intermeshing co-rotating extrusion systems for decades. The company developed gradually from an engineering firm into a parts manufacturer for twin screw extruders, and finally into a holistic system manufacturer for the global PET recycling market and compounding market.

The most important aspect here is the development of the RingExtruder RE® and its advantages, identified early on, in the field of gentle compounding and degassing of plastics. Early on in the company's history, the advantages for degassing in particular resulted in the targeted further development of RingExtruder RE® technology for PET recycling. In 1999, the first PET recycling plant in Germany was delivered, installed and commissioned for a throughput of 1500 kg/h. Based on the experience of now dozens of PET recycling plants in a throughput range of 1500 up to 4000 kg/h, Extricom can now draw on sound basic knowledge of the PET recycling business.