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Extricom has decades of experience in the optimization of compounding and extrusion processes.

We have specialized in the co-rotating twin- and multi-screw extruder systems and underline our claim through countless patents in this field of processing technology.

We share our knowledge with you and provide our customers with training on the following topics:

1.Maintenance and Service

  • Stock strategies
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Wear situation and countermeasures
  • Materials of construction to reduce wear
  • Machine design

2.Process technology

  • Process sections in twin- and multi-screw extruder systems
  • Melting, conveying, degassing and pressure build-up
  • Residence time
  • Distributive and dispersive Mixing basics
  • Incorporation of fillers and fibres

In our training you will not only learn the fundamentals for the process design and the operation of twin- and multi-screw extruders. We are looking forward to discuss your individual questions around your certain process. The focus is put exactly on your specific needs with your machines and currently and/or planned products to be produced. The optimization of your process is part of the training.

The training is usually held at Extricom in Lauffen a.N/Germany in order to give you the best chance to concentrate on the lessons. On request and with more than 6 participants we offer also the possibility to train your employees at your site.